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EPS International Ever Progressing Japanese, Chinese & Asian CRO!

"Ever Progressing System" is the spirit of EPS International, and is the origin of the company name. It is expected that the people who work here will grow through our service to clients, and improve the quality of life (QOL) of all our stakeholders.

We are a CRO that is always conscious of these words and continues to progress. We will continue to challenge ourselves to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and will never stop until we do so!

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We provide a One Stop Solution for all your outsourcing needs!

Our "One Stop Solution" brings brings together the individual services needed by you, our customers. Seamless communication helps you understand the status of each service and leads your project to the optimal quality completion goal.

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Your Gateway for Clinical Research in Japan, China, and Asia

EPS International Holdings Co., Ltd. an EPS Group Company, serves as a clinical research "Gateway" to Japan, China, and Asia.

As your "Gateway", we provide you with clinical research and market access to Japan, China, and Asia.

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“Building client product development success through
Ever Progressing System Partnership

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July 11, 2022

Post-Launch role of pharmaceutical products The 7th of 7 Symposia

Presented by Yaoyanshe & EPS International

Date:15th Jul 2022 (Fri) 19:00-20:00 CST /20:00-21:00 JST
*Virtual Meeting will be held in Chinese & Japanese
Free of Charge
[Detail(Chinese Language)]

1) Stable supply of pharmaceutical products
2) Provision of information on proper use
3) Collection of safety information

Eizo GOTO,
General Manager of Sales Planning and Promotion Dept (CBO1)
EPS Holdings, Inc.

How to register (Chinese Language Only)
Down Load Yaoyanshe APP from QR code before Session starts

Yaoyanshe (药研社)
Yaoyanshe is Chinese provider of an online platform intended to offer clinical research-based data using artificial intelligence.

EPS International
An EPS Group CRO, serves as a gateway between Japan and the rest of the world and provides one-stop clinical research solutions in Japan to customers around the world.

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  • Want to enter the
    Asian healthcare market?
    Let us open the door for you.
  • Japan

    A rapidly aging society.
    A growing demand for healthcare.
    We help you navigate the documentary and
    regulatory complexities of Japan.

    $4175 126

  • Taiwan

    A doorstep to the vast Chinese market.
    We solidified our presence here in 2011
    through a strategic acquisition.

    $1632 24

  • South Korea

    Emerging as a top leader of clinical trials in Asia.
    A CRO providing support for clinical trials and
    application approval since 2007.

    $2150 52

  • Australia

    A very friendly tax and regulatory environment.
    We’ve had outstanding success with
    clinical trials here since 2006.

    $5563 25

  • China

    A country with a phenomenal growth rate.
    Our expert multilingual staff has over
    10 years experience here.

    $436 1398

  • Philippines

    Tap into a huge ASEAN country.
    Since 2004 we have been leveraging
    this deep clinical resource pool.

    $124 108

  • Hong Kong

    Offers efficient entry into the massive
    Chinese market. With a base in Hong Kong
    since 2008, we are situated to benefit
    from evolving legislation.

    $2221 80/85

  • India

    Home to 16% of the world's population,
    20% of its disease. A growing biotech
    market presents tremendous opportunity
    for clinical trials.

    $65 1366

  • Malaysia

    Multi-ethnic population and competitive
    costs. Malaysia has an established healthcare
    infrastructure that provides a solid foundation
    for clinical research.

    $407 32

  • Singapore

    A robust pharmaceutical and biotech center
    for Asia. The country's high standards have
    made Singapore an ideal headquarters for
    EPSI's global arm since 2000.

    $2580 60

We will tailor an ideal solution for your specific needs.

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