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Hong Kong

EPS began operating in the territories in 2008. Conducting clinical trials in Hong Kong is an excellent alternative to China, where setting up operations can be daunting despite its attractions, and China is projected to become the largest pharmaceutical market in 2020. Hong Kong has many research hospitals already accredited in China, and boasts excellent infrastructure. New legislation in 2015 simplified the process for clinical trials. This legislation eliminates the requirement for product samples and extends the regulatory validity approval period to five years from the previous two.

Fast Facts

Health Expenditure per Capita
(2018, US$)


Source: Financing Global Health Database 2018

Life Expectancy at Birth
(2016 est.)







Source: The World Bank

Burden of Disease by Mortality
(2015, all ages/both sexes)

Neoplasms (cancer) (31.3%)

Cardiovascular disease (21.6%)

Disease of respiratory System (22.7%)

Source: Census and Statistic Department,
the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

NDA Approval Time






Hong Kong: an attractive alternative to China for clinical trials

Complex rules and regulations can make conducting trials in mainland China a challenge. This is despite the fact its pharmaceutical market is the second largest in the world with an annual growth rate of 9.1% ...

Hong Kong's new efficiencies in regulatory approvals for clinical trials

In order to ensure the quality of clinical trials conducted in Hong Kong, it is mandatory to apply for a certificate before conducting any clinical trials in Hong Kong. All clinical trials conducted in Hong Kong must ...

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