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We opened our Malaysian office in 2012. The country is rich in opportunities for clinical research thanks to its multi-ethnic population, competitive costs and established healthcare infrastructure. Additionally, for over 20 years Malaysia has had the experience, facilities, processes, regulations and manpower for conducting trials. The Malaysian Economic Transformation Program targets clinical research as one of its main drivers of economic growth. The government established Clinical Research Malaysia in 2012 with the objective of increasing the speed, reliability and delivery of outcomes for clinical trials.

Fast Facts

Health Expenditure per Capita
(2018, US$)


Source: Financing Global Health Database 2018



million people

Source: The World Bank

Burden of Disease DALYs Causes % of Total DALYs
(2017, all ages/both sexes)

Ischemic heart disease (10.67%)

Lower respiratory infections (7.16%)

Stroke (6.00%)

Source: Institute Health Matrics and Evaluation GBD

NDA Approval Time





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