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South Korea

Established in 2011, EPS International Korea Limited strengthens EPS Group's capabilities by offering CRO services involving multinational clinical studies centered in Asia and involving multiple territories in the region. The company reinforces clinical trials that require advanced technology, enjoying support from the Korean government on drug registration, and leveraging the emergence of the country as a choice location for conducting clinical research.
In April 2022, Korean organization transformed into EPS Korea International Ltd., which will provide services in Korea as a partner company of EPS Group.

Fast Facts

Health Expenditure per Capita
(2018, US$)


Source: Financing Global Health Database 2018



million people

Source: The World Bank

Burden of Disease DALYs Causes % of Total DALYs
(2015, all ages/both sexes)

Low back Pain (7.23%)

Stroke (5.24%)

Diabetes Mellitus (5.01%)

Source: Institute Health Matrics and Evaluation GBD

NDA Approval Time




Vigorous investment in drug development and biosimilars in Korea are creating a global powerhouse

Strategic investment and targeted policy is transforming Korea's pharmaceutical industry, as it moves away from generics towards biosimilars and drug development. Previously known for a conservative approach, Korea is now poised ...

Korea is rapidly becoming a regional leader in clinical trials

Although a latecomer to clinical research, CRO activity in South Korea has grown rapidly since its origin in 1995. Particularly, since 2007, with the establishment of Korean National Enterprise for Clinical Trials (KoNECT) within the Ministry of ...

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