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DCT(Decentralized Clinical Trials)

EPS supports DCT

The concept of Patient Centricity in drug development has led to the adoption of Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT), allowing trial participants to engage in clinical trials without traditional site visits. EPS collaborates with various service providers and proposes optimal trial operations tailored to disease areas and study designs from tools and systems to promote DCT.

EPS's "Virtual Go" Initiative

Leveraging its expertise in data science and extensive experience, EPS is advancing the "Virtual Go" concept to promote DCT.

Virtual Go

The DCT platform promoted by EPS

The DCT platform promoted by EPS

EPS serve as a central hub connecting trial sponsors, medical institutions, service providers, and patients, working towards establishing a unified support system for the implementation and operation of DCT. From consulting on DCT adoption in the planning phase to retrospective reviews and improvement proposals at the end of trials, EPS provides comprehensive support throughout the clinical trials.

Three Advantages of EPS in DCT Implementation and Operation Support

Three Advantages of EPS

EPS offers a diverse service menu as a platform supporting your DCT needs. If you have any inquiries or concerns, please feel free to consult with us via the inquiry form below.

A day in the future of DCT /pictured by EPS

Check out a video about what EPS imagine a day would look like when DCT becomes a part of your daily life.

We will tailor an ideal solution for your specific needs.

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