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Since 2000, our headquarters has been operating in this Asian gateway for medical research and drug discovery and development. Singapore's healthcare system ranks as one of the best in world, and its government provides a welcoming environment for drugs registration and clinical trials, which typically receive approval in two to three months. This island nation's doctors are mostly trained in the US or UK and include experts in all fields of medicine.

Fast Facts

Health Expenditure per Capita
(2018, US$)


Source: Financing Global Health Database 2018



million people

Source: The World Bank

Burden of Disease DALYs Causes % of Total DALYs
(2017, all ages/both sexes)

Low back Pain (6.81%)

Ischemic heart disease (6.74%)

Stroke (4.05%)

Source: Institute Health Matrics and Evaluation GBD

NDA Approval Time






Singapore: Asia's hub for biotechnology and clinical research

Over the last 20 years, Singapore has successfully established a solid foundation for scientific innovation. As part of a national strategy to become the Asian hub for biotechnology research and development ...

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