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EPS International announces Executive Leadership Changes

TOKYO, October 19, 2020 - EPS International Holdings Co., Ltd., the CRO (Clinical Research Organization) with strength in Asia-Pacific clinical trials support, today announced the new President and the Executive Leadership Team.

Name New Responsibilities Previous Responsibilities
Tomohisa Hayakawa President and Representative Director
President and Representative Corporate Officer
Board Member
Managing Corporate Officer
Head of Business Platform Center
Head of North-East Asia Business Unit

Board of Directors

Hisashi Tanaka
Board Member
Tomohisa Hayakawa
President and Representative Director
Hiroaki Sekiwa
Board Member
Hisayuki Yokose
Board Member (Part-time Director)
Tatsuji Shimada
Board Member (Part-time Director)
Masami Ito
Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Corporate Officers

Hisashi Tanaka
Chairman and Corporate Officer
Tomohisa Hayakawa
President and Representative Corporate Officer
Kiyohito Fujisawa
Senior Corporate Officer
Akiko Kitagawa
Corporate Officer
Noriyuki Takai
Corporate Officer
Hiroaki Sekiwa
Corporate Officer
Takihiro Hirasawa
Corporate Officer

*EPS International is a company of EPS group

About EPS International and EPS group
Since its establishment in 1991 as one of pioneering CROs, EPS Group has been a Healthcare Solution Provider to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals and clinics, and academia with various solutions from development to marketing, sales, consultation covering Asia centered in China and new values created in big data & AI, regenerative medicine, etc. The strength of EPS International lies in the fact that it has the greatest presence in Japan. In Asia, the company has multiple overseas offices and has focused particularly on solidifying its sites in the respective Asian countries, providing clinical development support services as well as SMO services.

Corporate Headquarters
EPS International Holdings Co., Ltd.
7F Kagurazaka AK Bldg.
1-8 Tsukudocho, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 162-0821 Japan

EPS International,
EPS Holdings

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