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Announcement of Merger

August 27, 2019

EPS Holdings, Inc. today announced that EPS International Holdings Co., Ltd. will merge into EPS Associates Co., Ltd. by an absorption-type merger on October 1st 2019

This merger is intended to build a consolidated platform to respond to increasing global studies quickly with integrated resource of both companies, and to offer enhanced and sophisticated services to meet clients demand.

【Surviving company】
Name of company* : EPS International Holdings Co., Ltd.
Head office location : 1-8, Tsukudo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan
Representative : Hisashi Tanaka, Representative Director

* The name of company survived after merger will be changed from EPS Associates Co., Ltd to EPS International Holdings Co., Ltd.

Contact for EPS Associates Co., Ltd.

Junko Takenaka(Japan)

Contact for EPS International Holdings Co., Ltd.

Takashi Uchida(Japan)


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