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Since our establishment in 1991 we have grown to become a trusted CRO in Japan. Today the EPS Group comprises 14 firms including a renowned CSO and the biggest SMO in the market. As your gateway to Japan, we will leverage our pool of experienced healthcare professionals and existing relationships with medical institutions throughout the country. You can count on EPS to help you navigate this complex market by providing everything from basic research to post-launch sales and marketing.

Fast Facts

Health Expenditure per Capita
(2018, US$)


Source: Financing Global Health Database 2018



million people

Source: The World Bank

Burden of Disease DALYs Causes % of Total DALYs
(2017, all ages/both sexes)

Low back Pain (7.04%)

Stroke (6.33%)

Alzheimer's disease and other
dementias (5.68%)

Source: Institute Health Matrics and Evaluation GBD

NDA Approval Time






Navigating Japan’s medtech regulatory environment

Japan is the world’s third largest healthcare market behind the United States and China. Its health insurance is well financed and coverage is effectively universal. Its teaching hospitals and research institutes are well equipped, ...

The SMO plays a critical role in Japan’s clinical trials landscape

Japan’s clinical environment differs in many respects from other countries. Even within Asia, there are important differences between Japan and its closest neighbors Korea and Taiwan, with which it is often grouped. The SMO, or site ...

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